What would Blair do?

Foto 19-04-16 12 37 47A new season is a great moment to experiment with new (upcoming) trends. And i’m so pleased that it’s finally spring but I was so ready for a new wardrobe.

It became so exhausting to get up in the morning with the same routine. Each morning I stood still in front of my closet, because I simply didn’t know what to wear. After a while I started to run out of excuses at work. From my point of view the; ‘I really didn’t know what to wear’, is a valid excuse for us girls and our managers should sympathize with us. When the Sun finally decided to show her true colours, I felt like trying out something new by mixing it up with accessories. We forget what one simple little detail can add to our outfits. Like my headband from H&M!

Mel was the reason behind my headband experiment. If you follow us on Instagram you know what I mean! On days where I simply don’t know what to do with my outfits, I always try to spice up my outfit with accessorize. For this outfit shoot I wanted a playful summery look, and my new headband from H&M is perfect for that. With its blue and striped details, it’s perfect for Spring and Summer. You can tie yourself a bow for an even more playful and girly effect. Mel also wanted to try new things out with colour and prints. Her new Zara clutch is the perfect touch to a great spring outfit and her soft pink trousers match perfectly with her clutch. Our looks for this shoot are quite simple with basic items, which we all own in our closet. But these little details makes the simplicity of the outfit fade away to the background.

If I ever face a wardrobe situation again. I’ll have to put on my headband and imagine what Blair Waldorf would do?


DSC_6638Foto 19-04-16 12 14 20Foto 19-04-16 12 12 08DSC_6657DSC_6750Foto 19-04-16 11 59 23Foto 19-04-16 12 25 12DSC_6649


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