There’s nothing like London. It’s my home away from home. It’s the city that inspires me like no other city can. And I can truly say that I feel re-charged after my short city trip.

There was so much excitement towards this trip, because it’s been two years ago since my last visit to London. And trust me when I say, that for me it felt like a lifetime ago. But other than that you guys must have noticed that we had a short break with Fash.Bazar. Don’t worry there’s nothing wrong and we still love to blog our hearts out. We just felt like we wanted to try new things out and to re-discover ourselves. And in order to do that we must follow our hearts, so that we can get inspired again. And just like that, I booked a plane ticket to my favourite city for some chill time, sightseeing, and just to have fun without any attachments or obligations. Three carefree days where we just had fun, laughed about nonsense, eat our hearts out and made memories worth a lifetime. (more snaps on Instagram)

There’s nothing like London, this city inspired me in so many beautiful ways. We’ll meet again during Christmas, when you shine so bright like no other city ever can. (Can’t wait for my next destination of 2016..)



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