Is it Friday yet? Goodbye carefree days, and hello dark circle underneath my eyes. A few months after graduation, this twenty something girl, started her first fulltime job. And so far it hasn’t been a disaster or something, no not at all. Gaining experience in my field is something i’m really grateful for. (you can already hear the ‘but’ coming..) It’s just that I wish that a weekend has more days than just Saturday and Sunday.

With a full-time job, and my not so amazing planning skills. It has become a weekly challenge to schedule time in with my family, friends and for myself. Since we didn’t had any major plans for last weekend. Mel and I striped down one of our items on our 2016 food bucketlist, which is; breakfast at Lilith! At Lilith breakfast is served during the entire day. Pancakes and coffee all day long! The rough and dark side of this breakfast bar fit’s perfectly with their good (strong) cup of coffee and rusty interior. A great way to start of your day or weekend! Since our breakfast meeting Mel and I decided that breakfast in the weekend should become a tradition! What’s more fun than sharing the latest news during a cup of coffee and blueberry pancake with maple syrup. 


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