MY 2015

When 2014 ended, I knew that this year was going to be a year I would never forget. I stepped into the roller-coaster ride of my life. Like every other year, 2015 went by so quickly. And while I’m typing this, I could not be more satisfied. Because this girl can say that she completes her goals for 2015For this year, I only had two goals for myself. One of them was to finally visit the city of my dreams; New York. And it finally took place in February. The memories still leave me speechless and happy in a very goofy, childish way. Hopefully I will be able to see more of this amazing city again for my birthday.

My second goal for 2015 was to graduate for my Bachelor Communications degree. And this adventure also began in February. For six months I’ve never been so dedicated to my éducation. Because I desperately wanted to graduate on time. Not for myself, but for a very important woman who I lost few months ago, my grandmother. It was her wish to see me graduate. She used to tell me that my education should be top priority. And so I did, and I thank God each and everyday that I shared this beautiful and proud moment with someone who was more proud of me. Her smile that day, is a smile i’ll cherish with me forever.
2015 was quite a strange year for me. It had many highlights. But it also surprised me in the strangest way. If someone would say; Sam 2015 is going to be the year where you not only will travel to the east-coast of USA, but also to the west-coast of USA, I would call them insane! *pinch myself* That 2015 would be the year I would introduce someone special to my loved ones. That 2015 would be the year that my best friend Mel did a shoot for Libelle magazine! It was a good year for sure. But i’m happy to close this chapter so that we can start a new chapter with new goals.

By Sam


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