Food has always been one of the things that make our friendship so strong. If you’re crazy about food and someone isn’t, it can make you feel a little bit awkward. But if someone understands your obsession with food, it’s like finding a true soul mate. One of our favourite things to do is discovering new hotspots in town. And oh boy, Rotterdam you keep on surprising us!

In the middle of Rotterdam, and on the corner of Baylestraat there’s Pierre. The moment you enter Pierre, you’ll find yourself in Paris. Everything about this bistro is French. The interior is perfectly French, with marble tables and black & white tiled floors. In case you didn’t know we have a very weak spot for interior.

But more importantly Pierre offers (French) breakfast, lunch & diner. I ordered a croque monsieur (without bacon) and Mel ordered herself a French toast with berries. We couldn’t resist ourselves so we shared a Tarte Tatin together. I’ve never had a Tarte Tatin before but Mel promised me that I would not regeet it. And yes, she was right! It was so delicious, for a moment we felt like true Parisians, sipping our coffee together and enjoying our lunch.

Pierre; a hidden hotspot where for a moment you forget that you’re in Rotterdam and not in Paris.


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