I love that it’s my birthday, I really do! I love that everything is about me today, that I can wear my party dress without feeling overdressed (like a girl can ever be overdressed) I love my birthday cake and off course I love receiving presents on this day, I might love the birthday cake a little bit more.

I can’t stop thinking how fast time went by, the reality about me being over a quarter century hits me.  It makes me wonder: How old would I be, if I didn’t know how old I was? Is there a fashion style for a certain age? If you guys know me a little then you know how I like to push the boundaries when it comes to fashion. I wonder if this will stay the same when I get older. I like to imagine myself as a hip old lady with style like Coco Chanel was in her days.

For Sam and me fashion is a way of expressing ourselves. That is the reason I choose this dress for my birthday shoot. I can remember buying this dress with the idea of wearing it on one of my birthdays. The problem with this dress and my birthday is that in March it’s very cold, so I didn’t had the opportunity to wear it until now. It’s one of my favorite dresses; it makes me feel pretty and special. And I just wanted to show it to you guys! Well let me go back and have another piece of my birthday cake. Thank you for following us! We have a lot new things in store for Fash.bazar for the upcoming period!

-X- Love Mel

DSC_9624DSC_9822DSC_9636 DSC_9754DSC_9802DSC_9659DSC_9729


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