When I woke up today the first thing that came up in my mind were the following four words: Thank God it’s weekend! You must be wondering, why?

As you know, Mel & I started with the final phase of our study. The final phase includes a 5 month during research internship for our bachelors communication thesis. The funny thing is that I used to dislike weekends because from Friday till Sunday I was a sales advisor at H&M. And these days, from Monday till Friday I’m a graduate research intern at Royal IHC. Don’t get me wrong I’m not being a nag, but I can understand why my dad always looks forward to Friday. I think every downside has it plus side (my favorite quote from football legend; Johan Cruijff)

The final phase of our study feels like a roller-coaster ride. We are terrified and exciting and emotional as well. Mel and I met each other on our very first college day, and since that day we have stayed friends and are planning to end our college adventure together. Terrified because we have no idea how our life’s are going to like when we have our degree. The goal is to always, always follow and cherish our dreams! What will happen after we graduate? We have no idea what the future holds for us. One thing is for sure our friendship will remain and our love for fashion and food will be shared on Fash.Bazar with you guys!

Because it’s Valentine’s day we are giving you lovely ladies a chance to win this amazing Vogue beanie from All you have to do is to leave a comment behind with your ideal beanie look! –xo-


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  1. Hi,

    Love to wear it with my knitted oversized cozy vest with black/grey highwaist jeans and a tight top underneath with real leather Felmini bikerboots (black) :) xx


  2. I love the beanie! Especially cause it’s plain black.
    I’d wear it with my fav high waist leather skirt & either a big jumper or a crop top.
    Maybe also in combination with my grey maxi skirt
    I could go on for ages, it’s almost a basic. Love the slogan!
    You Guys would make me the happiest if I’d win one :)


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