All those who are counting the days till spring, say yay! With these cold temperatures we easily grab the most comfortable outfits we could think of. Think of oversized jumpers and thick leggings, comfortable but not so creative. I don’t know if you can relate to this, but sometimes it’s so hard to find something to wear when it’s so cold and grey outside.

But we have found the perfect solution; a fashionable jacket (of course underneath your warm winter coat) During wintertime we want to keep ourselves warm but we want to feel comfortable as well. But we are still females that want to look fashionable! So what have we done? We have kept our outfit basic and comfortable. Mel is wearing a simple pair of jeans with a basic t-shirt and I’m wearing a black circle dress. How crazy it may sound but I find a dress much more comfortable then jeans. The pink furry coat gives Mel’s outfit a fresh but dramatic look and my bling jacket spices up my outfit as well. Add one jacket to an outfit with basics and you have some bling & glam! To the outside it may look like you have done an effort but we ladies know what the real deal is!


M: Coat: H&M Trend / T-shirt: C&A / Jeans: H&M / Shoes: Converse
S: Everything by H&M


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