While I’m typing this I’m thinking of million other things. Two weeks from now I will start with the final phase of my study. Excited and terrified as hell! And to be honest, I haven’t got a clear vision yet of how my future will look like. Maybe that’s a good thing? For now I just know that I really enjoy blogging with my best friend. It’s great when you do something what you love, but doing it with a good friend next to you makes it even more fun!

It’s not a secret that we two, both have different styles; after all, we are two different persons with complete different personalities. I think that’s the key behind our friendship. But when it comes down to fashion we mix and match a little with our styles and once a while we end up with the same things in our closet. A good example is the High Waisted jegging from H&M. In our previous post I went for the basic look. I call it myself; (the I don’t know what to wear, so little time but it’s simple and stylish kind of look). The high-waisted jean creates a retro-urban chic look and personally I love it with wearing a crop top above. The off-white blazer that Mel is wearing creates a more sophisticated chic look. It’s a great look for a formal function but also for drinks in the city. Now back to my look. When I ordered the strippend t-shirt I wasn’t really sure about it. But Mel convinced me to keep it; basics are always good, right? I personally love the effect of the lace cardigan above it. As if I’m wearing something sparkling.

Our styles may be different but we do end up loving the same things. We just wear and style it different. But isn’t that the fun part of a good friendship?

DSC_8589DSC_8460  DSC_8637DSC_8643DSC_8583DSC_8523DSC_8556

M. Blazer: H&M / T-shirt: ZARA /Jeans: H&M / Boots & Necklace: ZARA
S. Skirt: Supertrash / Clutch; Mango / Everything else; H&M 


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