Hi Fashionlovers, first of all, a very happy New Year! We hope you all had a great 2014 and we hope you will have an even better 2015. For 2015 we have made a lot of plans for Fash.Bazar and we hope you will keep following us through our little journey. We can’t wait to share our new adventures and projects with you guys. Well it’s been a while since our previous post but since we had a few very busy months we haven’t really updated the blog. A promise from us that we will do our best to post more often (a new goal for 2015) Blogging is a ‘zen’ moment for us.

For our first 2015 look, we have chosen a few of our favorite winter items. A lot of these items are basic and black (you can never go wrong with basics or black). The real star of these looks are our new sunny’s from Polette.com A website with a huge collection of, (sun) glasses. The concept of this webshop is quite different because unlike other traditional eye-optics, Polette deliver their glasses directly from the factory to the customers With about 900 different fashionable frames, it was quite difficult for us to choose THE perfect frame. My frame was indeed perfect for me, because you can never guess what the name of the frame is: Melissa’. Sam’s frame, Trophée is a timeless item with rough details, the glasses give her look a final touch! We love wearing sunglasses in the winter but we love wearing them more during summer. Summer hurry up already!


M. Coat & Bag: Mango / Shorts: H&M / Boots: ZARA / Shades: Polette
S. Coat: ZARA / Bag: Vintage / Sweater: Mango / Jeans & Boots: H&M / Shades: Polette


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