Guess who are back! Can’t believe that our last outfit post was in the summer. And now (a few months later) it’s already fall, almost wintertime! We mentioned earlier that Fash.Bazar was on a little ‘vacation’. But our vacation turned into a little break. We had some personal reasons for our break.

One of the reasons is mainly because of our study. It’s our senior year and we are so focused right now to graduate for our Bachelor Communications degree. But to be honest, our little break made us think about our goals and plans for our future, and of course for our blog. Strange as it may sound, it actually inspired us. From today you might notice some little changes we added to our blog.

Now back to our outfits. While most people feel sad when they have to say goodbye to summer, we actually feel happy about it. Not only is it beautiful to experience the change of the nature, to see the beauty of our city during this season. It’s another reason for us girls, to add new items to our wardrobe. Like these recent bought items which we’re wearingl the black leather short and the printed dress. We are such big lovers of multifunctional clothing items, for day & night. And these two items are a great example!

DSC_7744 1


M. Jewelry & Shorts: H&M / Boots: ZARA / Sweater & Earrings: Mango
S. Shopper: Pull&Bear / everything else by H&M


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