®Provast, MVRDV; foto Ossip van Duivenbode 12
CNN has named ‘ de Markthal’ as one of the ten buildings that you must see in 2014! And from a distance we can understand why. After The Cubes apartments, The Erasmus Bridge and The new Central Station, Rotterdam is one beautiful piece of architecture richer. The wait is over because today is the official opening of de Markthal.

A covered market is something new in The Netherlands. Rotterdam is the first city in Holland with an official covered market. The Market hall will not replace the weekly market at Rotterdam Blaak but instead you should see it more as a ‘Food Walhalla’, with fresh fish, bread, cheese and other delicious things. 100 fresh unite, 15 food shops, 8 restaurants all under one roof. But there’s more. The Market Hall is not only a gigantic ‘Food Walhalla’ there are also 228 apartments. One place for: shopping, working, enjoyment and living. We foodies honestly can’t wait for the opening and will definitely check it out today. Stay tuned, because we will share our thoughts about the Market Hall soon with you guys! -®Provast, MVRDV; foto Ossip van Duivenbode 1302 -®Provast, MVRDV; foto Daria Scagliola+Stijn Brakkee®Provast, MVRDV; foto Ossip van Duivenbode 10 -®Provast, MVRDV; foto Ossip van Duivenbode 07


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  1. Hoi dames, mooie foto’s, vooral nr.4, ben benieuwd van waar die is genomen, is dat op het dak van de V&D, misschien? Nog bedankt voor je like op een van mijn post.


  2. Since you wrote so enthousiastic about our new Markthal, I’m curious what your thoughts are right now, assuming you’ve already been there. Do you think you’re gonna come back there regularly? How special is the food? Or, in other words, did you find something that you would make you go there, even if it wasn’t located so central?
    I’d like to know, ’cause apart from the architectural uniqueness I didn’t find much words in favour of De Markthal. Not as market place, that is.


    • Yes, we have been to the Markthal and we are still very enthousiastic about it. The atmosphere is just great, and there are many new concepts which we don’t have in our city. The food is great, it’s fresh and the prices are very reasonable. And we think that people should not compare it with a local market because that is not the concept of it! It’s a very unique concept in The Netherlands!


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