4 September 2014. That’s today’s date, which means that exact 23 years ago my mommy gave birth to me! Can’t believe I’m 23 years old already! It may sound cliché but time flies, it really does. Every year, around midnight it just hits me that I’m one year older. And honestly it’s quite scary, because I love being in my twenties. It’s that age when you still can be carefree. My age says that I’m an adult, but to be fair I’m still that little childish girl who gets excited over almost anything, I love to prank and fool around and I love to be dorky, oh and I love cake (A-LOT!)  

I have to admit each year on this date I feel special and blessed because of the love of my sweet family and friends. And I love the fact that I can eat as much cake as I want! Today is all about me, so I’m going to celebrate my birthday at the Efteling. Time to release the inner child in me! Also I would like to thank all of our lovely followers! We sincerely love reading your sweet messages and comments. We have some good news for you because Fash.Bazar is back on track. So stay tuned dearest readers. Because we have loads of new stuff ready for you guys!

 PS: Just look at my little dorky glasses!
Foto 03-09-14 21 43 42
‘How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?’ – Satchel Paige



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