Going out for lunch is one of our favourite things to do. (While actually every activity which is related to food..) Blessed to have a friend who shares the same love for food. It’s always nice to share common things with others and especially with a good friend! It’s not a big surprise that we often have lunch meetings outside. A few days ago Mel and I met up at Bagels & Beans for a lunch meeting. After all, we have new ideas for our blog, which we need to discuss together.

Bagels & Beans is a well-known lunchroom where you have a variety of bagels with different kind of spreads. Sweet or savory, spreads and bagels, but other than that there is also a breakfast menu, a high tea with different kind of delicious pastries and bagels. Besides lunch Bagels & Beans also have a various selection of coffee/tea and fresh juices. When you enter the lunchroom you get this ‘Zen’ type of feeling, because the atmosphere feels and appears very cozy and laid back. Customers can use the free Wi-Fi network of Bagels & Beans, so it’s a great work/study area as well.

So what did we have for lunch?
Mel is crazy (addicted might be a better phrase) about the Smoked chicken and avocado spread on a spelt bagel. The obsession she has with avocado is quite hilarious! I went for a Buffalo mozzarella, tomato and pesto spread on a sesame bagel. It was delicious and filling as well. A great way of having a meeting, a little gossip moment during a yummy lunch!



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