I can still remember that I was scrolling down my Instagram feed and saw that H&M had posted this beautiful clutch. The moment I laid my eyes on the clutch, I just could not stop thinking about it. Right before I knew, I rushed right to the store. Yeah, I’m that type of girl who wants things right away. An impatient soul you can say.

Foolish and impatient as I am, I didn’t think that it was a preview photo. So obviously when I reached the store the clutch wasn’t there yet. But no worries, a few weeks later I spotted this beauty on the online shop of H&M. The clutch is even more beautiful in real. The things I love the most about the clutch are the handmade details and the ethnic print and fabrics that remind me of the bags made in Pakistan. I have to say that the chain of the clutch is a little bit disappointing. I preferred a more fine chain. But other than that I’m absolutely in love with my new clutch! Perfect for the summer days with a casual look but also great as a ‘partybag’





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