Having breakfast was something you did at home. But since a few years, breakfast outside the door is more popular than ever before. Many restaurants have included breakfast included in their menu and came up with great deals and offers. Let’s be honest, sometimes its way more fun (and easier) to have breakfast outside. Especially if it’s with you loved ones or even when you’re having a  meeting.

De Onbijtbar (The Breakfast bar) recognized this trend and came up with a unique concept: a place where people can come, only for breakfast. De Ontbijtbar is collaboration between renowned Rotterdam producers, Chef Cook Marnix Benschop and the team behind the beer garden. Marnix has developed a simple and powerful menu, filled with typical breakfast favorites like, American Pancakes, Egg’s Benedict and Oatmeal prepared in a different way,  The menu isn’t really big but you can’t really complain if you look at the prices. It’s affordable, tasty and the atmosphere is really relaxed and causal. The location is also perfect because it’s in the Centre of Rotterdam, only a few  minutes away from the Central Station of Rotterdam. De Ontbijtbar is really a great, refreshing concept. If you’re up for a simple but affordable breakfast then you’re definitely at the right place!

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