As long as I can remember I have a love and hate affair with my glasses. When I have them on, I feel geeky and goofy. I get this feeling like I’m hiding myself from the world. But to be fair. I can’t imagine a life without my glasses either. Because at the end  of the day I always look forward to that feeling when I reach home, take off my contact, so that I can put on my glasses.

As students we spend most of our time  behind our laptops and books. While reading we prefer glasses over contacts, because it simply feels more comfortable for our precious eyes. While we use our glasses for a practical reason. Many other wear fake glasses because it has become a statement piece, an accessory that completes your outfit!

With exams coming up, a trip to the library is very common. The central library is located downtown in Rotterdam. Before we headed of to the library we had a quick coffee meeting. On days like this we often go for a casual and comfortable look. But a casual look doesn’t always have to look like it’s casual and comfortable. By wearing a simple blazer, with underneath a graphic shirt you’ll create a more fashionable look. Remember you already look mysterious and sexy with your glasses on! So add a bright color on your lips and trust me your casual look does not longer appears casual and comfortable! Instead it looks like you’ll made a true and very long effort. So ladies remember wear your glasses with confidence and style!


Details Mel:  Blazer: H&M / Shirt: ZARA / Jeans: Pull&Bear / Shoes: Converse / Glasses: Ray Ban
Details Sam  Blazer: ZARA / Shirt: H&M / Jeans: H&M / Shoes: Converse / Bag: Micheal Kors


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  1. Ha, I thought I was the only one. Although, I find myself wearing my glasses more. I hate the tedious task of having to remove them and clean them every night. lol lol, Oh to be lazy.


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