You cannot love fashion if you do not love Vogue. The love for fashion, in our case started with Vogue. As young girls we just would dream away looking at the beautiful fashion shoots in Vogue. And nowadays we do not just love Vogue, we also have a big admiration for the magazine. Where other magazine are missing the in debt view, Vogue really teaches you something about fashion.

The Vogue started in 1892 as a weekly magazine. The founder was Arthur Baldwin Turnure. The name Vogue was chosen by Josephine Redding (the first editor) on the basis of its definition in the Century Dictionary: “The mode or fashion prevalent at any particular time.” While at that time other women publications offered advice about the homely arts of sewing, cooking, and household economy. Vogue stood out because they chronicled everything of interest to the Social Register set: weddings, debuts, parties, engagements, and club meetings. Nowadays Vogue is for all women! I have to admit that sometimes it is hard to read the Vogue. If you are in a shallow mood then the vogue is not a good magazine to read. After all we are women with a passion for fashion. But Vogue is more than fashion, its art!

With the issue of this month you’ll receive a special gift and that’s a grey Vogue t-shirt. It’s a basic t-shirt, but with a statement all fashionista’s can relate to. Even with a simple t-shirt you can create different kind of looks. From casual to girly. Today we are going to show you two different looks that we both created with our Vogue t-shirt.




Details Mel: Jacket: Mango | T-shirt by Vogue |  Legging: ZARA | Shoes: Nike Free Run 2.0 | Bag: Mango
Details Sam: Blazer: ZARA | T-shirt by Vogue | Skirt: H&M | Shoes: H&M | Bag: Topshop | Necklace: ZARA





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  1. i like your post!! it is wonderfull, i will recomend the VOGUE documentary. it is perfect. KISS KISS


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