My favorite trend of the last couple of years is the statement necklace. This trend has really saved my life! Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating. But the statement necklace has saved me from some really casual (lightly boring) outfits. When I go to University or work I don’t feel like going ‘overdressed’. I usually end up with a casual outfit, but by wearing a statement necklace, it changes my whole (basic) outfit into a chic look.

You can imagine, that by now I have a collection of statement necklaces. But my favorite pieces are from ZARA. I have told myself that if I buy a statement necklace it can only be one from ZARA. I know it may sound a little ridiculous. But the necklaces are really one of a kind. Now don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with other statement necklaces but in my eyes ZARA is just my favorite! I’m sharing three of my ZARA statement necklaces. Which are also my favorites out of my collection.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
I absolutely love the combination of the crystal and the flowers. It’s timeless and bright up any outfit. Even the most
simple outfit can be very chic with the necklace! Unfortunately this necklace is not longer available. But you can find
a similar here.

The color of the necklace feels so fresh. I love to wear it with grey and white colors. The chain of this necklace is
also very different. A little rough and edgy.
My latest treasure! I am completely in love with this necklace. I haven’t got the chance yet to wear this beauty.
But I have many combinations in my mind. Maybe this necklace can be my cheering necklace for the Dutch football
team during the world championship.



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  1. Love the necklaces, especially the second one! And I really like the glossy box ;) even though I am currently not receiving it since I moved to the States..


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