If I had to make a list with all the places where I had the most fun in my life. London would be in the top 5! I just love everything about this city, the history, people and the atmosphere. I have visited this city many times before and still this city surprises me with new things. In my previous post: ‘My love for London’. I already told you guys about one of my favourite spots in London. And now I would like to tell you more about my London adventure.

This visit to London was all about sightseeing. Because it was a one- day trip we decided not to go shopping (hard decision, but well.) Every time I go to London there is one ritual I have and which didn’t change in all these year. My ritual to have breakfast at the ‘Le pain Quotidien’ I know it isn’t a traditional English breakfast. But I just can’t resist their delicious bread. For us it was also a good place to have breakfast. Because we didn’t want to spend a lot of money on food. So low-budget, friendly and delicious! During the breakfast we planned out this day. Our to do list: St. Paul’s Cathedral, Tower Bridge, British Museum.

Before we would start our adventure we decided to sniff around at Covent Garden. This is one of my favourite areas in London. The thing I like the most of Covent Garden is the coziness and the vibe. The artist on the streets, the cafe’s and the expensive shops, i just love it!! The best way to travel trough London is off course with the tube. Your trip to London isn’t complete if you have not use the tube. This way of traveling gives you the real ‘London’ experience. I must say that I’m a little claustrophobic but I do like puzzles and the London tube is a big-time puzzle.
Photo 03-05-13 11 04 07OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Our first destination was St Paul’s Cathedral. This church has a real English Baroque style. If you walk trough the
streets you cannot miss this building. In an environment with all new construction, this piece of History just pops
out! It’s just breath-taking. The St. Paul’s Cathedral is the graveyard of lots of British Historical figures and famous
people. It’s also the place where Lady Di and Prince Charles had their wedding ceremony. Quite funny, because
most members of the royal family have their ceremony at Westminster Abbey).
Photo 03-05-13 17 55 33Photo 03-05-13 17 51 19
The second thing that we wanted to see was the Tower Bridge. I realized that in all the years I been to London.
I actually have just been one time to the Tower Bridge. When we visited the Tower Bridge it made think the
bridge in my hometown Rotterdam: The Erasmus bridge. If you compare these two then they are real opposites
of each other. Around Tower Bridge you have a lot of restaurants and bars. So we decided to have a small lunch.
Finding a place to eat with my friend is always a big drama. We just cannot make a decision where to eat. (Two
hungry girls who just whine about everything) I’m glad to say that the friendship is strong enough to survive
such drama. (I can be a real monster when I’m hungry.) Eventually I decided it was time to make a decision,
so we decided to eat at this Italian. Well we did not have a great lunch at this place, the soup didn’t have any
taste and the waiters weren’t very friendly. Maybe it was because I wanted to pay the bill with small coins.
So we were not model guest as well. Anyway we have a good laugh when we think back at this place. The
look on the waiters face when he saw how we wanted to pay and well my reaction was ‘oepsi’. A priceless moment!
Photo 03-05-13 15 46 23OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
After the lunch we went to one of my favourite spots in London the British Museum. I just love everything about
this place. The history, the building, the neighbourhood, the beautiful park, just everything. I love it so much that
I wrote a separate post about this place: ‘My love for London’. We did spent quite a long time in the museum, mostly
of taking pictures of each other. The light is just so perfect in the British Museum. For dinner we wanted something
simple. And it was a weekend off so a delicious treat was well deserved at the Hamburger at Garfunkel’s. After the
dinner it was time to go home. We were a little bit late so we had to run for our transport, which was a good thing,
this way we could burn some calories of the burger.
Photo 03-05-13 12 54 06Photo 03-05-13 20 08 12
As I was heading home with the ferry I decided that one-day of London isn’t enough. It is more a torture than a
reward! You just want to see more of this beautiful city. As the sun was going down my only thought was: London,
It’s a see you later and not a goodbye.




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  1. Thank you for liking my post! I really appreciate that. I didn’t know about your blog before, so when you liked my post I decided to take a look at yours. And i can tell you that it wasn’t a bad choice. hihi.
    Good luck with your blog!


  2. Sounds like you had a great day in an amazing city! Thanks for liking my post by the way :) As you know then, I’m heading to London myself in about six weeks! I can’t wait to visit the British Museum, definitely on my to-do list. I’m really looking forward to reading your other London posts; doing all the research I can before I visit the city myself!


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