Good morning lovelies! Spring break has come to an end. And that means that we have to go back to the real life. Our last semester at the University has begun. Which means, lot’s of homework and essay’s, but there is at least something to look forward to and that’s our summer vacation! Blog wise we have some exciting new things planned. Some exciting trips and project so stay tuned!

 It has been an incredibly busy week for us. People think that students have a very relaxing life but unfortunately this isn’t the deal for us. But you won’t hear us complain. Because being a student in Rotterdam has it plus points. Rotterdam has introduced a new concept called the OV-Miles. People can collect points while checking in with their public transport card. With these points you can benefit from some great deals. And we couldn’t be happier that our favourite coffeehouse, Dudok Patisserie is included in this deal.

 Dudok is well known for it’s delicious Apple-Pie. But since a few years Dudok has introduced a new concept; Dudok Patisserie, where you can stop by for some yummy pastry and coffee. We personally think that Dudok has the best pastry in Holland. Cheesecake, Brownie cake and the Carrot cake are our favourites! Recently The Red Velvet cake is introduced in their collection. We have this idea that this cake has become very popular in a short period. Because each time we visit Dudok Patisserie this cake is sold out. Well, it’s a good excuse for us to visit Dudok Patisserie soon again..


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