Everybody gets his or her outfit inspiration from somewhere. It can be from a magazine, Maybe a celebrity of nowadays from a blogger? Or maybe you’ll get inspired from the style on the street. I get my inspiration from various cultures across the world. 

I have a light obsession with harem pants and oriental prints. I think I own at least five pair of these pants. (No, I’m not a big M.C Hammer fan..) I just love the fitting of these pants. they are very comfortable and surprisingly easy to combine. Because of the baggy fitting of these pants I decided to go for a chic look today. The colour is the pants are very bright so I decided to keep the rest of my outfit light and simple, by wearing a white top and a white oversized blazer.

An interesting fact to know is that the harem pants are commonly used in belly dancing and that there are various similar pants in India/Pakistan/Afghanistan, Thailand and Turkey.


Top and Blazer: H&M | Trousers: Mango | Shoes: ZARA | Necklace: I AM | Bag: Pieces


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