All stars bewerkt
On cold and windy (spring) days like today, a girl just wants to feel comfy. There is no better way to feel comfy then with the boyfriend look. Yesss we know, guys do not like this look. Because men want to see us tighten up in our clothes (they prefer the high heels and shirts, type of look, right?) But even with this look we had a few guys that almost broke their neck for us. As always, men just don’t know what they want.

The boyfriend look is one of the hottest catwalk trends of this moment. How to pull of a ‘boyfriend look’?
Well just pick an item where it looks like you’ve pulled it off a masculine wardrobe. For those who have
a boyfriend it’s a easy and budgetproof job! For the single ladies, don’t panic! You will easily find some
boyfriend or baggy jeans in almost every store. Combine it with a feminine top, some heels or sneakers.
A bright lipstick and your done. This look is very comfy, easy and stylish!

The location of the boyfriend look is the Central Station of Rotterdam:
The Central Station of Rotterdam is the first in a series of four stations that are renewed. Like every other
day, the station is full of people. We aren’t talking about travellers, because the station has really become a
hotspot since the rebuilding. The funny thing is that this station is totally different from all the other stations
in Holland. It’s a modern and refreshing design, a real piece of art you can say. And this station only proves
that Rotterdam is the city of architecture. We couldn’t be prouder of this beautiful city!

DSC_0137DSC_0130DSC_9966DSC_9953 DSC_0282
Details Mel: Leather Jacket: Mango | Shirt: Pull & bear | Boyfriend Jeans and Hairband: H&M | Sneakers: All Stars
Details Sam: Leather Jacket: Mango | Shirt: Primark | Ripped Jeans: ZARA | Bag: Supertrash | Sneakers: All Stars


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