Bazar lichtjes
Bazar Rotterdam is probably one of our favourite hotspots in Rotterdam. So it is not quite strange that we often go for a drink or a bite at Bazar. Like the other day, when we decided to have a very late (and we must say heavy, but oh so  delicious )lunch, at Bazar.

Wereldhuis Bazar is located at the very artistic Witte de with street and is well-known for its oriental vibe. 
By entering the restaurant, the beautiful Arabic lights and decoration will catch your eyes for sure.
 But not only the decoration is multicultural. The menu is also very versatile. You will find a mix of
 the Arabic and Turkish/Persian cuisine for a very affordable price. Bazar is not only a restaurant but also a hotel which you’ll find next to the restaurant.

Foodie’s as we couldn’t really decide 
what we wanted, so the Nahar Lunch was a good way out. Because you’ll get a mixture of different things.
 Nahár is a large lunch dish for two people, consisting of zaalouk, haydari, humuz, peynir ezme, sarma, sigara böregi,
sigara suçuk, falafel, fried chicken wings, merguez, fried potatoes and marinade olies. The Nahár lunch is perfect
if you can’t make a decision and you want to try different things. This lunch is available at any time of the day.

DSC_9822_edited-1 DSC_9824 DSC_9858 LAMPJES


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