If somebody would ask me what I want to do before I die? The answer would be: travel the world!
Exploring and discovering new places is something I enjoy and love to do the most in life. 
And thanks to my parents I have been to some beautiful cities in Europe. Rome, Barcelona, Istanbul, 
Malta & Venice are the five most beautiful  and memorable places that i have visited, historical and very cultural.

But there are still quite some places left that i haven’t seen yet. So I have set up a new goal for myself. 
And that is
to spend less money on food and rubbish and save more for trips and travelling, in and outside 
of Europe.
But before I start with my new goal, I am sharing 10 places that I still want to visit.
New York: My dream would come true if I visited New York City. I don’t know what it is about New York. But i just want
to see it all. Central Park, Empire State Building. Oh i would do anything just to see this amazing city!bora-bora-french-polynesia-14
Bora Bora: How exotic does Bora Bora sound? Just look at the colour of the ocean and the cute resorts. It’s paradise
for sure. I think the perfecte place for a romantic honeymoon!
India: The history of the Taj Mahal is one of the most romantic stories i have ever heard. My father visited
India in his younger years and has seen this amazing palace. India has so much culture and history similar to my own
culture. I would love to expirence this crazy, hysterical
Dubai: You can say what you want about Dubai. But it’s quite impressing what Dubai has achieved in such an short period.
And let’s be honest, you have to see it once right?
Rio de Janeiro: Samba, Carnaval and football. Do i really need to say more?01
Egypt: History used to be my  favourite subject  and the history of Egypt has always been fascinated me. Pyramids, Luxor,
The tombs of the Pharaoh’s and the treasures and temples.
Santorini: I have never been to Greece. I think it’s one of the most beautiful country’s in Europe.
With crystal clear blue sea and these cute white houses. A little paradise not so far from home.Marrakech
Marrakech: I have heard so many great things about the famous ‘Place Djemaa El Fna’ and i just love, love these Arabic
markets called ‘Souks’. Oh, Marrakech must be food heaven!
Tokyo: If I think about Japan or Tokyo, I have this vision of a different kind off  world then the one I’m used to. It would be
a different kind of experience. And I can’t wait to explore this new world that I’m not familiar to.



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