DSC_9741 Yesterday we actually wanted to shoot some outfit pictures. But unfortunately the weather wasn’t really co-operating with us. So instead of shooting outfit-pictures we decided to have a very late breakfast/lunch/brunch? Next to our love for fashion we have something else in common. And that’s our love for food.  yup, we are real foodie’s!

We decided to have lunch at the Vlaamsch Broodhuys, which is located at the Meent in Rotterdam. The Vlaamsch Broodhuys is well known for its bread and the atmosphere is best described as relaxed and casual. It’s the perfect place for a Sunday breakfast or lunch. For owner Dimitri Roels only the best ingredients are good enough, his vision was to introduce ‘bread, like bread is actually meant to be’.

The menu is full of yummy things! Melisa went for the softly cooked farmer’s chicken salad (with raz el hanout spices, with tomato and lemon, spiced bulgur and pine nuts on wholemeal sourdough bread).While i had the soft original Italian buffalo mozzarella (with pomodori tomato and fresh basil, on olive-tomato bread) It was really tasty and quite filling. But foodie’s like us have eyes bigger than our stomachs. Afterwards we had a lil dessert. A tarte tatin and a red fruit pastry. Oh, we have a soft spot for pastry and pie and Vlaamsch Broodhuys did not let us down!

DSC_9671DSC_9544DSC_9596DSC_9662DSC_9617DSC_9681 copy


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