Hi there fashion lovers,
Woohoeee, it is my 25th birthday!!! I really want to thank all the people who are following our blog and our Instagram account. Sammen and i started this blog because we both are real fashion addicts. Not only are we huge fashion addicts, we are also best friends. And that is one of the biggest reason why blogging is so much fun for us.

Because it is my birthday this post is all about me. The location of this post is a bakery in Rotterdam called: Ten To Three Bakery.Ten To Three is located at a hidden place downtown in Rotterdam. They are a real star in Rotterdam. Because there aren’t’ many bakeries like Ten To Three. They have a very cute, English type of interior. And on top of that, they have the most delicious cupcakes in town! How do i know? Well i am a real cupcake monster!

For my birthday outfit i first wanted to wear a cute strapless pastel colored dress. I wanted to look sweet and girly on my birthday. But this morning when i woke up, i had this cool idea to mix the different types of women that i am. So this is the look. It is a little bit rocky, a little bit of bohemian and a little bit of chic. It’s still sweet and girly but with a little twist.

Well, i am going to celebrate my birthday. I just want to say it one more time Thank you all for following and loving us!
We love you and a big Birthday kiss!

Mel xoxo


Details: Hat: H&M | Leather Jacket: Mango | Everything else: ZARA


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