Wow what just happened today? We went from sad weather to some happy weather, we likey :)
So the other day we took some pictures at the Sint-Laurenschurch and the Venice Passage here in Rotterdam.
The Sint-Laurenchurch is one of the few buildings/monuments left of medieval city center of Rotterdam. Quite impressing, right?  Today we decided to write something about our own individual style. After all we are two different people.. ;)

While writing this post it was quite hard to describe our ‘personal’ style. Because we believe each person can have many different styles. But has a preference for that one style which just feels natural to them. Like Melisa’s personal style is best described as ‘Boho-chic’. I think that in some other life she was born as a Hippie. (Hippo, if you ask Melisa..) Quick reminder for those who are unfamiliar with the term ‘Boho-chic’. It is a style with various bohemian and hippie influences.

And what about my style? I think totally the opposite. Best described as ‘Casual-chic’.
 I love the simplicity of fashion combined with eye-catching accessoires. Accessoires can either make or break your outfit. And casual does not always means boring. It means simplicity and comfortable. It is a challenge to not to make it boring or floppy. But sophisticated and feminine!

Sam & Mel xoxo


Details Melisa: Shirt ONLY | Boots: Supertrash | Everything else: ZARA
Details Sammen: Shirt: ONLY | Cardigan: H&M | Bag: River Island | Watch: Guess | Bracelet: Micheal Kors | Sneakers: Nike Roshe Run 


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